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Triple T Paintball's

Certified Referee Classes



Has your love for the sport of paintball left you wanting more? Have you ever considered becoming a certified paintball referee? Triple T Paintball has one of the most demanding and comprehensive course available to the public. Triple T Paintball’s Referee course covers all the aspects of safe operation of a paintball field. There are some leagues and paintball companies out there offering courses that last four hours. Most of the leagues have realized something that Triple T Paintball has known all along, that is four hours of training doesn’t do the job and the candidates that enter their fields are lacking in knowledge and ability. Now most of the leagues offer a two day course at the demand of the players that were tired of the poor quality of referees being placed on their fields. At Triple T Paintball we offer that same two day course preparing you for the national league fields. At a cost of $100 per student for the two day course, expect to have a great weekend of paintball if you plan on participating in the fun filled course. Also be prepared to take one of the most demanding particle exams at the end of this course. A very good opportunity to show all involved you are ready for the professional fields of the sport.

We also offer a more extensive course that will last a minimum of twelve days spread out over the summer season. You will be trained by certified referees that actually work the fields and in some cases you may have a opportunity to work with some of the on staff pro referees that have referred the pro’s on events like the PSP World Cup. To our knowledge no where else in the state of Maine is this opportunity offered to the public. A chance to work side by side with a pro referee while you learn. Safety is our main stay, keeping our customers safe is our top focus and major goal. With a successful completion of our ref course you will also be CPR and First Aid certified.

Topics and Classes

Inspection of HPA AND CO2 tanks

Filling HPA AND CO2 tanks laws and procedures

Woods Ball Refereeing

Speed Ball Refereeing

Scenario events Refereeing

Tournament Refereeing

Customers Relations

Cash Register operations

Safety Zones




Triple T Paintball

So are you convinced yet are you ready to join the exciting world of paintball referees?? Triple T Paintball’s course will involve you taking the classes mention earlier. Working with certified referees on the field for a minimum of 40 hours and a very exciting and challenging practical exam along with a written exam. This course cost $350 per student , this will cover all materials and meals when applicable. We have a large list of graduates from this course and we are very proud of these referees. Triple T Paintball’s certified refs are offered special benefits. Last year it was a all expense paid trip to the PSP World Cup in Orlando Florida. With this came the opportunity to ref the world cup. This year they were offered a discounted trip to the NPPL Super Seven in California, at a price of $400. Per ref. This price paid plane travel and lodging for the entire trip.

We are excited about you joining our group, just sent off a email to Mike or Leroy  and let them know you are interested and they will set you up.

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