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 Our Humble Paintball Company

Triple T Paintball was started back in the spring of 1990, when we first opened our doors to the public paintballer. This company became a dream of Mike Blier’s supported by his wife Donna 100%. Which turned out to be a good thing because it quickly became more than a one man job. Triple T Paintball sets on a large 150 acre Paintball Park in Fort Fairfield and is located in a beautiful scenic area near a large lake. This location offers much more than most could imagine, with Fishing ,camping, swimming, boating and long walks on the appalation trail which borders Triple T Paintball fields. It is Something for the whole family to enjoy as well as  the paintballer themselves when they are not participating in the sport of paintball.

In the beginning there was just a dream and Donna and Mike with the help of their  boys  took on the task of cutting interconnecting trails throughout the property. Along with the trails came the construction of the bunkers and the lay out of the fields. Knowing that a great paintball field doesn't happen by chance and that the players that play at Triple T Paintball deserve only the best, Mike and Donna took to the road and visited paintball fields all over the country from Maine to Florida. They took only the best ideas from each field encountered and bringing them back and building the field we now know has Triple T.  Mike and Donna both realized the importance of safety in paintball being parents themselves. Which built into the company a real commitment to safety and a referee training program second to none. Through this extensive training program ,and I mean it takes a summer to complete this course NOT 4 HOURS. We were blessed with some of the most dedicated referees in the business today. We owe a lot to our certified referees, not only do they make a major commitment to safety on our fields but they all are first aid and cpr certified. Out of this great group of certified referees arose a great referee that we know as Leroy Harris. LeRoy is a very valuable asset to Triple T paintball, and he is very committed to the paintballers of Aroostook county. In 2005 Leroy was promoted to head ref and now over sees the reffing squad.

Now with these trained people in place it was time for Mike ,Donna and Leroy to take paintball where is has never gone before. So we geared up for the Presque Isle State Fair, and for the first time the sport of paintball was enjoyed by fair goers at a state fair thanks to Triple T Paintball. Now this wasn’t as simple has it seems , the reason it has never been done before was because there was no way for a person that didn’t own his own gear to participate in the sport in this type of arena. Mike spent many hours and many calculations and a large rental fleet came up with a way to introduce paintball to the fair goer. This was done with great success and many people pulling together set records that others can only try to shoot for. Due to the fact this effort was such a great success Triple T Paintball offered to take any certified ref that wanted to go to the PSP world cup in Orlando Florida. Mike having made arrangements to ref for the PSP World Cup. So away we went after a few hours of reffing Mike was approached and told if he had any other refs like him in his parity, they were welcome to ref as well. Of course all the ref ’s trained by Triple T paintball were very good paintball reffs and all that wanted to ref the world cup entered the field . Located at the Wide world of sports at Walt Disney, another first. When you come and play paintball at Triple T Paintball you may very well be rubbing elbows with pro referees, once again only offered here at    Triple T Paintball.


Well with success comes recognition, so soon we were approached by the Aroostook center mall folllowing  a previous company to bring paintball inside a heated and air conditioned building in Presque Isle Maine. the manager at the Mall stated that  if paintball could survive in the Mall Triple T Paintball could do it. We entered into this arena with our trained people in place and cleaned the place and put a professional look to the field. But to our sadness paintball did not survive in the mall, partly due to prior events  and partly due to the fact that  spring had arrived and the paintballer seemed to perfer playing outside to playing  inside once the good weather had arrived. So even with all of our effort as well as the effort of our staff we were not able to save it . We do however believe the Aroostook County Paintballer deserves an indoor field and maybe in the future we will once again enter the Mall with a better out come.

So Please stay tuned because we aren't done by a long shot, look for many more first's from the Paintball company we all know as TRIPLE T PAINTBALL


Hi , I'm Donna, Welcome to our store , . We have a very large selection to choose from and we try to carry all of the items that the paintballer, might want or need. We have several markers from tippman , spyder, smart parts, wgp and wdp.  We have several different styles of goggles, hoppers, co2 tanks as well as compressed air tanks. We also stock all of the accessories to go with your gear, and the bags to carry it in.  We carry different kinds of paintballs to meet the needs of all paintballers. Some of it is inexpensive , and some of it is tournament grade . We also have some used gear for sale , and if you are looking to upgrade and would like to trade up , we also can work with you on that. We do take trade ins for your convenience. We cater to the beginner as well as the seasoned paintballer , and if we don't have in stock what you are looking for , we can order it for you and get within a few days. We can fill your co2 tanks as well as compressed air tanks . Our store and pro shop is open year around , so bring those markers by , so we can get them serviced for you and you will be all ready come springtime. What is really great is that if you don't have your own gear, or you have never played the sport of paintball and would like to try it out before you invest in your own gear , we have 30 sets of rental gear available , just come out and we will gear you up and and you can try it for yourself.. Our  pro shop is in the store and our techs can clean , service and repair any type of marker. Stop by and check us out , or just come in and  say Hi.....





Hi I'm Mike and I would like to thank you for taking the time to know us.PBIF

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