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Internet links to some of our favorite paintball sites and forums to share with you.

Discussion Forums
Triple T Paintball Forums Come on in and join our chat community and have a little fun with us.
EMR Discssion Forms
Paintball Company’s
Mystique Paintball

These are our friends 5 minutes to our North in Canada, they have both indoor and outdoor fields.

Terminator Paintball

These are our friends 20 minutes to our North in Canada, they have both indoor and outdoor fields.

Bob Long
Angel Force
EMR Paintball
HPA Hydro Testing We are now able to take of your tank hydro needs.
Fun With Paintball
A Little fun with paintball Come on in and try to beat my score, don’t be scared, it’s not like you will be meeting me in the snake.
Inventory Spas Manufacturer direct hot tubs at thousands below retail. All hot tubs are in
stock and ready to ship immediately.
A place of Honor for our troops.
Our Troops A place to Honor the men and women that serve us and our country. Please stand with me to say thank you to our heroes.
Paintball Information
Things you should know about paintball.

Tippmann a paintball manufacture.


This site belongs to Tippmann, a paintball manufacture that is trying to support the sport of paintball at the grass roots. I have known Tippmann for a long time and I have sold their products and would recommend them to any player seasoned or newbie alike. Go ahead and visit their site and spend some time there learning about the sport of paintball the right way.