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We are located in Fort Fairfield Maine, 521 Dorsey Road, 04742. I give you the zip code to help with map quest. Once you reach the town of Fort Fairfield you go straight down main street. Go all the way down main street and past the churches and watch for a small concrete bridge at the bottom of the hill, turn right just after you cross that bridge onto the Dorsey road. You should see a small dam to your right , stay straight on the Dorsey road until you come to a Y in the road, bear left at the Y. The Dorsey road makes two 90 degree turns the 90 at the Y and another right hand 90 a short distance from there. Stay straight on the Dorsey road which is easy because there are no other turn offs until you come to a T in the road. When you are at the T if you look straight out you windshield you will see Monson Pond a large lake and if you look over your left shoulder you will see Triple T Paintball’s store and fields. We are 4.5 miles from town.


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